Evin's space



Moons: 0

Rings: no

Maximum Temperature: about 10,000° F

Day Length: 25 Earth days

Year Length: 0 earth times

Sol is our star. It is made up of 4 layers like Earth. There is also lots of stars in our galaxy. there is only one star in our universe and its name is Sol. No one has ever bin even close to Sol. Sol's nickname is "sun". Sol has moons and the moons are all of the things in space like earth is a moon for Sol. Sol dose have a mantle , its like it does not have one. The core is so hot that the little cells in there start making plasma that will make heat waves around it.

Rocky Planets

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Moons: 0

Rings: no

Maximum Temperature: 350° F

Minimum Temperature: -300° F

Day Length: 15 Earth hours

Year Length: 88 Earth days

Mercury is the closes planet to Sol. it is very kind of safe to touch the dark spot of mercury only never ever go on the bright side od mercury. Mercury is formed just like all the other planets and its formed just like this : our star used to be with a lot of meteors and those meteors crashed in to each other and made all of our planets. its weird that venus is hotter than Mercury.


Moons: 0

Rings: no

Maximum Temperature: 410° F

Minimum Temperature: 20° F

Day Length: 243 earth days

Year Length: 224 Earth days

This is a strange thing about Venus : it is hotter than Mercury though mercury is closer to the sun than Venus. Venus is just covered up with storms and poisonous gases. Venus is the same size than Earth. No one has even bin there and it is the closest planet to Earth. Venus is so hot it can't even have any Moons.


Moons: 1

Rings: no

Maximum Temperature: 134° F

Minimum Temperature: -114° F

Day Length: 24 Earth hours

Year Length: .25

Earth is the only planet that has life so far. Earth mostly has water and from space you can barely see any houses from the naked eye. you can only see continents from space. The most worst things that happen on Earth is getting sun burnt,being killed by other humans and getting attacked by animals. You can only see the Great Wall of China and pyramids from space. we have only discovered one moon and its name is Luna


Moons: 2

Rings: no

Minimum Temperature: -189° F

Maximum Temperature: -20° F

Day length: 24 earth hours and 40 earth minutes

Year Length: 668 Earth days

Mars is the 2nd closes planet to Earth. It has a ice cap and we are sure if there is water on Mars. There is a rover on Mars and / name is Curiosity. Mars has a lot of volcanos and craters. There are lots of mysterious to discover on Mars and know if there is life on Mars. We think if we could just remove the ice cap and there will be life on Mars. Mars's volcanos don't even shoot lava.

Gas Giants

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Moons: 67

Rings: yes

Minimum Temperature: -145° F

Maximum Temperature: 10,000° F

Day Length: 10 earth hours

Year Length: 11 Earth years

Its the planet that has the most Moons so far , Jupiter. we think if you try to land on it you will go right inside of it. You see that little crater looking thing we think it is a big hurricane called the great red spot. Jupiter's mass is 318 and if there was any more mass Jupiter would get smaller. if went inside of Jupiter you would get crushed or die from the heat.


Moons: 65

Rings: yes

Minimum Temperature: -150° F

Maximum Temperature: 70° F

Day Length: 10 earth hours

Year Length: 29 earth years

Saturn has like lots and lots and lots of rings and the gap between the rings lays a moon. its ring are made up of crystal , dust and rock. its ring has a space in it and there is a moon between it. saturn is the 2nd biggest planet in our univers. it has a rocky core and it will be hard to find because it has a lot of gas and it will be hard to see from the gases. saturn is kind of like jupiter but the size is diferent from each other when they are lengthed


Moons: 27


Minimum Temperature: -224° F

Maximum Temperature: -210° F

Day Length: 17 Earth hours

Year Length: 84 earth years

Uranus has a weird shaped ring. It looks like it has water on it but it really does not have any water. It is a blue planet but it does not really have water still. Uranus is one of the planets that are very cold. its ring is made of crystal , dust and still rock of course. it still has a rocky core and it will still be hard to find still. Uranus is still a pretty stormy planet just like jupiter and if it is hot on Earth then there is a very deadly storm on there


Moons: 13

Rings: yes

Minimum Temperature: -218° F

Maximum Temperature -200° F

Day Length: 16 Earth hours

Year Length: 84 Earth days

Neptune is known as the water god. Neptune the planet is now what we are going to talk about right now and never go to Neptune it is like extremly cold down there which means never go to there because you will freeze to death. if you at the dark part of Neptune you would die from the coldness on Neptune. so neptune is a pretty deadly planet after all but the sun is the opisite of Neptune but you will die from the heat on Sol


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How long it rotates around the sun: 2,537 earth years

Hale bopp is really kind of bumpy and looks like some dust in the sky but it is like there is a lot fire in sky and it is like a shooting star. a comet might be pretty hard to catch because it kinda of goes fast and you would need to be a lot more bigger like about 1,000000,0000000 feet big or you will need to be bigger than that. it will take a wile to see the comet strike the sky. we think that a comet might strike earth and make a bigger crater than a asteroid.


How long it rotates around the sun: 1919 earth years

Borrelly looks like a bullet in the picture but just like all comets they look like some dust in the sky really. There was once a comet that hit jupiter and we do not know were this comet will strike.

Halley's Comet

How long it rotates around the sun: 200 earth years

Halley's comet looks a lot like Borrelly but it is a fat comet. Halley's comet was named after a person named Edmund Halley


How long it rotates around the sun: 366 Earth years

Ikeya-Zhang whas probobly named after a chines person

dwarf planets

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Moons: 3s

Rings: yes

Minimum Temperature: -70° F

Maximum Temperature -40° F

Day Length: 6 Earth years

Year Length: 248 Earth years

Pluto was a planet until scienctists kicked the planet out then they called it a dwarf planet. pluto is the only dwarf planet that we know very well on it. it looks like our moon but the moon is really a tiny bit bigger than pluto but pluto is Eris's twin


Moons: 0

Rings: no

Minimum Temperature: -157° F

Maximum Temperature: -38° F

Day Length: 4 Earth years

Year Length: 256 Earth years

Ceres was discovered close to my birthday. It is really icy and it is in the asteroid belt. it is really half dwarf planet and half asteroid! it is the smallest dwarf planet so far. Johann Elert Bode believed Ceres to be the "missing planet".


Moons: 0

Rings: no

Minimum Temperature: -400° F

Maximum Temperature: -346° F

Day Length: 23 Earth hours

Year Length: 310 Earth years

Makemake is like the coldest dwarf planet so far. It is like a piece of ice in space but it is not clear just like ice is.


Moons: 2

Rings: no

Minimum Temperature: -450° F

Day Length: Earth hours and 55 earth minutes

Year Length: 283 Earth days

Haumea is a plutoid. it mite be massive enough to have its own gravity some day but that is not what we think , we really think it really mite crash into something if it's orbit breaks. looks like a potato , a giant potato and it is still like ice but the only thing is it is just colder than the ice.


Moons: 0

Rings: no

Minimum Temperature: -355° F

Day Length: 10 Earth hours

Year Length: 11,400

Sedna is the farthest object known in our universe so far. Sedna was named after a god so is every other planet we know so far , there names were named after a god also. Sedna almost does look like mars from the redness. Sedna was found in the Oort cloud and hopefully we find more things in the Oort cloud




minimum temper: -405° F

Day Length: 26 Earth hours

Year Length: 557 Earth years

Eris is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt and it is a plutoid. Eris is the god of discord and discord means lot of argument. pluto is Eris's twin.

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the date it was launched: 6-26-1978

SEASAT is like some stick in space that is orange but it is not really a stick that is a camera that is made for scientist to study the ocean.


the date it was launched: 11-5-1984

ERBS is like some house that people live in but tho it is fat nobody still lives in there. it looks like a nice little home but there is one satellite that people live in. it is under you for you to see.


the date it was launched: 4-1990

One time Hubble had to be repaired because it had a mirror slightly off when being damaged. The damage was pretty hard to repair and how the damage happened an i-bolt was broke on the camera. Hubble is like one of the most important satellites. Hubble had to be saved by people named Mike and John they both complete the most dangerous mission ever on fixing Hubble the satellite with the help of a Goddard tool that was like a screw driver but had a headlight. mike , when he was fixing it a screw was having a problem but John did a nice job.

deadly things in space

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The Black Hole

Never go by it

The Black Hole is the most deadly object known in space and it completely destroys any thing that goes by it and there is NO escape from the Black Hole!

Super Nova

very very very hot

Super novas are always happening and super novas are stars like the sun but the sun can be a huge bomb that makes a black hole born to destroy our universe with in minutes.


Can smash you

Astroids are always happening like you will never know if one will happen on Earth.


Can melt you

stars, the hottest things known on life and some of them are Sol and wolf 359 but never go to those deadly stars they are lik black holes but the only thing that is different is that the sun melts you.

Lightning Sprites

sprites can be in any sizes

Believe it or not, sprites are lightning bolts that go above clouds!