Evin's Origami



Oru means to fold and kami means paper. Put both together and you get origami (to fold paper). I spent my free time this summer making origami! Below are some pictures and descriptions of the origami I made this summer!

My Origami

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Origami Crane

This is the best crane I have ever made and I hope it looks great to you! It took me a few minutes to get all of the folds precise but it did actually turn out well!

Origami Dragon

This was the most hardest piece of origami that I ever made and it is my favorite because of how hard it was. I named this origami dragon Gummy!

Origami Yoshizawa Butterfly version 2

A Yoshizawa Butterfly is a kind of butterfly found in Japan. This piece of origami had some hard folds to it but was pretty simple for me.

Origami Yakko San with Pants

This piece of origami is actually two pieces of origami put together. It's the Yakko San with the pants on. Yakko San is a samurai's servant.

Origami Cameras

These are two origami cameras the I made. These aren't real cameras though. When you push the front side outwards, it will make a snapping sound.

Origami Talking Crow

An origami talking crow is a puppet. To move its mouth, you simply push the two back flaps backwards.

Origami Slipper Chair

This is just a slipper chair for decoration. It is made a lot like Yakko San and I like to make Yakko San sit on it!

Origami Chomper

An origami chomper (aka origami snapper), is a nice little noise maker that can be opened and closed. you just have to push the back of the chomper inwards to make it close. I can recall when I was in kindergarten I flooded my house with chompers (literally) after my friend taught me about it.

Origami popper

While holding the bottom tip of the popper, give it a quick thrust with you wrist and it will open up with a pop sound! I love to annoy my dog with it. Its hard to get used to popping it but you'll get the hang of it.

Instructions coming next summer or so on