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Cool Math 4 kids

Cool Math 4 Kids is cool just like the name says. It does have math games and fun video games and none of them have violence.

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Kongregate is one of my favorite game sites with millions of awesome, addicting games. But some of the games have blood and zombies.

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FunBrain is a educational web site that has fun little games.

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Dan-Ball is a fun game site that you will enjoy. It may look like you need a username and password to play, but you don't auctually need to do that. One of my favorite games on it is called The Powder Game. In it you get to use powder (dots) and discover the many combinations of the powder in the selection of materials. Dan-Ball has mobile games on apple devices. Also in the powder game you can make a player(s) and control him WASD or with the arrow keys.

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Code Combat

Do you ever wonder how I made this site? You can play this game and learn programing code at the same time. It's a fun action game were you can solve puzzles, fight monsters, and collect GOLD!!!!

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Bits Don't Burn

Bits Don't Burn is a site that me and my dad are going to work on when summer break begins at my shcool(5/22/15). We will add a game that we are developing for a download. The games name will be "The End's Life".

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