Evin's floating island

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The Critter

This is called a Critter. It attacks its enemies by jumping, floating, and smashing on you. There are blue and red colors of Critters that you can find in the game.

The Annoyer

This is called a Annoyer. It attacks its enemies by swooping down from the sky and sometimes they just ignore you when they are hanging an the ceiling. there are blue and red colors of Annoyers that you can find in the game.


This is called a Press. It is a insto-kill enemy that is really easy to dodge. If you go under neath it then it will fall down and kill you if you are not fast enough!


This is called a Basil. It is a enemy that CAN NOT DIE and it is a INSTO-KILL enemy. It is also a really fast enemy so look out!


This is called a Pignon. It is a VERY week enemy that likes to hop all over the place like a clumsy moron.

Giant Pignon

This is called a Giant Pignon. It is a week enemy that likes to jump all over the place like a clumsy moron.

Gaudi Egg

This is called a Gaudi Egg. All they really do is just stand there and you can attack them. They are week and they don't hatch. They can't really attack and again, they don't move at all!


This is called a Gaudi. These guys are the only gaudies that have successfully hatched! they are kind of like pignons, but have more health and do more damage. They have only one weeknes, the blade, which can do up to 18dg.


This is called a Sandcroc. If you see skulls laying in the sand, that means theres a sandcroc hiding underneath the sand. If you do walk on the sand where there are skulls, then a sandcroc come out, open its mouth wide and snap at you once really fast suddenly. And once they have snapped at you, then they just stand there, allowing you to walk on there face.


This is called a Rabil. The legend says that they are really mimiga that ate red flower, which can make miminga only go crazy and perhaps can't control themselves!

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Balrog (Shack)

This boss's name is balrog, which you fight him more than just once. You fight him through out the game, but this Balrog-Fight is like the first boss you will you fight and the most easiest boss in the game. if you do defeat him, he will drop XP for your first gun, the Polar Star. But you can also skip him. when he asks you,"So, what's up? Want to fight me with that peashooter?" and if you say no, he will just leave. But if you say yes, he wil say,"Understood!" and the fight is started. All balrog does on this fight is just run a little, take a stop, face your direction, run at you and jump up.


This boss's name is Igor. This guy is really a rabid mimiga that ate a red flower.

Balrog (Power Room)

This is balrog, as usual he is the "Boss-You-Fight-Through-The-Game", and is the second time you fight him. you can't really skip him 'cause he complains that he captured the wrong mimiga and his partner got quite a bit of beat down by The Doctor (which is the main bad guy in the game, and soon you discover his real name if you do some secret) and then he says that he's gonna beat you up this time.