Evin's pikmin

what are pikmin?

A pikmin is a unknown creature that is cute but are strong,brave and dumb. But thats not all about pikmin,pikmin need to survive and live well,but thats not all yet,lots of creature in the wild that love to snack on pikmin and squish them like a bug,so it is all your job to fight the nature and let the pikmin survive the strange world of pikmin,also if there is a leaf on a pikmin then the run very slow if there is a bud on a pikmin then they kind of go fast if there is a flower on there head then they go very fast,well I know your thinking,"how do pikmin get a leaf,bud and a flower on there head?"Well this is how they get a leaf,bud and a flower,so if you kill a enemy they will sometimes give you something that is called a"pellet posy" they give you pikmin and the leftover enemy gives you pikmin if you take it to the ship and there can be pellet posies that have a number like 1,5,10 and 20. so now you brought the enemy to the onion, seeds will come out and will grow fast and how it turns into a bud,well you have to wate for 1 minute wile the pikmin is in the ground and the bud will be on the leaf, and how you it turns into a flower,you just need to wate for 1 more minute wile in the ground and it will pop out,also another way to just get a flower is to let the pikmin drink nectar and a flower comes.

All pikmin in the pikmin series

The fire pikmin

strength: strong

Meet the fire pikmin,also known as the red pikmin. He is residence to fire like fire on the ground he can take it out,well he does not have to put out the fire he can just go strait through it! Fire just sets pikmin on fire but in 10 seconds wile on fire the pikmin dies unless you wissel!

The electric pikmin

strength: medium

Meet the electric pikmin,also known as the yellow pikmin. He is residence to electricity and can break down electric walls. electric can kill any type of pikmin except the yellow pikmin.

The water pikmin

strength: weak

meet the water pikmin,also known as the blue pikmin. It is the only pikmin that can swim in water but all the other pikmin will drown in the water if they even go in the water

The mushroom pikmin

strength: any,witch I mean by any kind of strength

meet the mushroom pikmin,also known as the zombie pikmin. This dangeros pikmin can attack you but you have to wistle for them to turn normal. This is how ou get a mushroom pikmin,so in pikmin 1 you have to find this boss called the "Puffstoll" and he sprays a smoke that if pikmin touch they will just stand there for a second and they will turn into a mushrom pikmin,oh yeah if one of your pikmin keep on turning into mushroom pikmin,they will turn into white pikmin if it keeps happening.

The bulbmin

strength: medium

meet the bulbmin,also known as the bulbord pikmin. It has all the elements in pikmin 2 witch is water,electricity,poison and fire! You might be confused how you get bulbmin because you only have three little space ships that have the yellow, blue, and red pikmin (The white and purple pikmin go in your spaceship that you drive in). So, you get bulbmin in caves and there is this enemy called a bulbmin mother, and all the bulbmin follow her doing nothing, and when you kill the mother, the bulbmin have no more mother and you can call them and they will atack, follow, and everything else a pikmin does. WARNING: Creatures will still eat or kill bulbmin AND when the day is over, bulbmin can't come with you.

The heavy pikmin

strength: medium

meet the heavy pikmin,also known as the purple pikmin. It is a fat pikmin that stuns enemies if you throw on top a enemy. They are very slow pikmin, even if it has a flower it is still slow!

The poison pikmin

strength: weak and it attacks fast

meet the poison pikmin,also known as the white pikmin. they cough out poison and if a enemy eats it, it gets hurt 'cause it is eating a poison pikmin.

The rock pikmin

strength: VERY STRONG if you through the rock pikmin on an enemy

meet the rock pikmin,also known as the gray pikmin. It can break crystals that hold good items. there are also crystal enemies that you have to smash.

The flying pikmin

strength: weak

meet the flying pikmin,also known as the pink pikmin. It can fly over hazards such as water. It can carry objects over water too!

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First we are going to start with pikmin one bosses then pikmin two and then pikmin three. WARNING:WE ARE NOT DOING THE BOSSES IN ORDER...

The smoky progg

attack: kills pikmin instantly by it's deadly poison

meet the smoky progg,a deadly frog that's mostly made of poison! Here's some tips how to fight him and how to get to him,you have to go to the distant springs and get out water pikmin,then look for an egg and attack it until his health turns yellow and then call your pikmin when the egg's health turns yellow and then,BOOM!!!!!!!!!! the egg blasts open!


Meet Goolix, a big water blob that eats any pikmin but water pikmin that go in its blob. You need to use water pikmin and throw them at Goolix's brain which is the little tan ball inside it. You need to whisle when your pikmin get stuck inside Goolix.

Empire Bublax

Meet the Empire Bublax, a fat monster that eats tons of pikmin when it swings it giant togue around the ground. He always hides in the ground with its eyes sticking out of the ground, waiting to surprise its prey by jumping out of the ground. It has little crystals on the Empire Bublax's back to help it blend into the crystal walls.