Evin's plants

Carnivorous Plants

Dionaea Muscipula

common name: Venus Fly Trap

family: Droseraceae

These are dionaea muscipula . They eat bugs that invade anywhere around them, but what attracts bugs to come in its mouth is when the bug (any kind of bug) flys into its mouth it will move on its own and eat the bug. After a few hours, the bug is still inside the dionaea muscipula mouth and a special kind of acid surrounds the bug and dissolves it all until none of the bug is left and the dionaea muscipula opens its mouth again to wait for its pray to come.

Map for Venus Fly Traps ^

Sarracenia Purpurea

common name: Pitcher Plants

family: Sarraceniaceae

These are Sarracenia Purpureas . they are kind of like dionaea muscipula but don't move as much. all they do is just stand there, waiting for there prey to fly up to the top of the . What attracts bugs to fly to the Sarracenia Purpureas is there little leaf they have have at the top of it.

Map for Sarracenia Purpurea ^


common name: Sundew

family: Droseraceae

this is a Drosera . They may look like ordinary plants, but if a bug flies on a drosera , the bug will get stuck to it! But wile the bug is stuck on the it, the drosera will begin to wrap around the bug, choke it to death, and the drosera will absorb the whole bug!

Map for Drosera ^

Puya chilensis

common name: sheep-eating plant

family: Puya

This is a puya chilensis .

Map for Puya chilensis ^

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Other Land Plants


common name: Sunflower

family: Asteraceae

These are Helianthuses. In the US, helianthuses are Kansas's state flower. Usually, The the flower at the top of the helianthuses will look at the sun.

Map for Helianthus ^


common name: bamboo

family: Poaceae

This is Bambuseae, the fastest growing plant on earth. Not that much bambuseae grows in America.

Map for Bambuseae ^


common name: Courpse Flower

family: Rafflesiaceae

this is a rafflesia, the worlds stinkiest and biggest flower in the world.

Map for Rafflesias ^

Verbena Hastata

common name: Blue Vervain

family: Verbenaceae

This is a verbena hastata.

Map for Verbena Hastatas ^

Silene Stenophylla

common name: Narrow-Leafed Campion

family: Caryophyllaceae

this is a Silene Stenophylla. It may look small, but one silene stenophylla took over 31,800 years to blossom, it even survived the ice age!

Map for Silene Stenophyllas ^

Amorphophallus titanum

common name: Titan Arum

family: Amorphophallus

this is a Amorphophallus titanum.

Map for Amorphophallus titanum ^

Asarum canadense

common name: Canada Wild Ginger

family: Asarum

this is a Amorphophallus titanum.

Map for Amorphophallus titanum ^

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Aquatic Plants

Myriophyllum humile

common name: Low Water-Milfoil

family: Myriophyllum

This is a Myriophyllum humile.

Map for Myriophyllum humile ^