Qualifying Rounds

Qualifying round Battles are battles that determine which bots are going to be in the tournament. If a bot loses, they will get a chance to still go into the tournament if they obtain a wild card.

Fight One

Tombstone vs Black Ice

Fight Two

Complete Control vs Bomb Shell

Fight Three

Lock Jaw vs Yeti

Fight Four

Beta vs Lucky

Fight Five

Which Doctor vs Rotator

Fight Six

Brutus vs Moebius

Fight Seven

Minotaur vs Photon Storm

Fight Eight

Chomp vs Disk O' Inferno

Fight Nine

Wrecks vs Red Devil

Fight Ten

Mega Tento vs Poison Arrow

Fight Eleven

Ringmaster vs Ultimo Destructo

Fight Twelve

SubZero vs Icewave

Fight Thirteen

Splatter vs Warrior Clan

Fight Fourteen

SawBlaze vs Razorback

Fight Fifteen

Obwalden Overlord vs Warhead